To lead the delivery of pay-as-you-live™ homes in Africa

To make our customers' lives more fulfilling by helping them to own good quality homes in the most affordable ways.

Act fairly:

To us, the means to an end matter. We manage our relationships in the spirit of fairness and we pursue only those actions that promote more good.

Stay authentic:

We don't use a template to serve. We listen to each authentic story to learn how to deliver purposeful service from an original perspective.

Share optimism:

Our perpetual state of optimism is inspired by the courage to act on our beliefs. We engage to inspire hope by showing possibilities.

Embrace risk:

Risk-taking unleashes our creative capabilities to seek out unlimited opportunities for growth. To do what we do, we have to believe that our customers will make progress in their own lives.

We respond to the aspirations of our customers in a truly authentic way. That's our x-factor

How it works